Eastport United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men serve Christ, our church and its members, and the Eastport community by promoting Christian fellowship and helping others to improve their lives.  The United Methodist Men provide leadership to the following churchwide ministries:
Men’s Winter Relief.  Participating churches open their doors for one week each year to provide shelter, meals and fellowship for homeless men in Anne Arundel County.  Each evening of this program, men of the church volunteer as chaperons, some staying the entire night, with our guests. Those taking part have been struck by the gratitude shown by the homeless men and by how extraordinarily ordinary most of them are.  
Dignity for Veterans.  The men completed a campaign to collect suits for veterans.  The fact that many veterans have no decent clothes for burial was brought to the attention of the United Methodist Men, and the call went out for donations of good, clean used suits.  The response was heartening.  Many suits were collected and put to good use.
Christmas Gifts for Children. The men organize a gift collection for children in need at Eastport Elementary School, collecting, wrapping and delivering toys for those who otherwise would have had no Christmas.
Holy Week.  The men have presented powerful and moving skits during Holy Week, the "Living Last Supper," and "Remembering..."