Standing Against Racism

The administrative council wants to communicate clearly to our congregation where we stand in relationship with the denomination, please be sure to read this:

The Eastport United Methodist Church Administrative Council supports the statement made by Bishop Easterling condemning the insurrection at the nation’s Capitol on January 6. Like the Bishop, we agree that “followers of Jesus Christ must prophetically embody, in word and deed, the precepts, practices and promises of the Gospel message. It is a message of love, but a love that speaks truth and stands against immorality. As a church, as Christians, we must condemn all the forces that led to the unprecedented insurrection today - forces of hate, of white supremacy, of distorted self-interest, and abuse of power.”

We take our Bishop’s teaching seriously and the Bishop’s statement is consistent with the Church’s historic and contemporary social witness; consistent with United Methodist social teaching; and should be received as an invitation to Christian discipleship, not disregarded as partisan posturing.

As the entity of the local church responsible for guiding our church in nurture, outreach, and mission, we commit ourselves to learning how systemic racism has shaped our society as well as recognizing our responsibilities as Christians to resist injustice and oppression. We invite our congregation to join us in this critical and constructive work, this opportunity for Christians honestly to name our sin and to engage in reflection, repentance, and repair.

As a path forward, we along with the pastor will utilize resources provided by the United Methodist Church including, but not limited, to the Book of Discipline, the Book of Resolutions, the Board of Church and Society, resources provided by the General Commission on Religion and Race, as well as the United Methodist Women.

Jill Peddicord (Council Chair)

Michael Keller (Lay Leader)

Mike Wurst (SPRC Chair)

Mitch Krebs (Finance Chair)

Neil Bergsman (Treasurer)

Bill Schneider (Trustee Chair)

Sherrie Little (Worship Chair)

Megan Wurst (Children Ministry Chair)

Susan Schneider (Outreach Chair)

Eunice Corse (Secretary)

Cyndi Councell (At-Large Member)

Jennifer Smith (At-Large Member)

Barbara Krebs (At-Large Member)

Ruth Gibbons (Financial Secretary)

Cierra Ploof (Youth Representative)

Pastor Chris Broadwell

Abstaining: Kathy Duckett (United Methodist Women)

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