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Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals



One of the most profound events in a persons life is to make a life-long commitment to another. Those seeking to join their lives in marriage should reach out to the church office.

A copy of our wedding policy is here.

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If you are new to faith, expecting a child or hope to be soon, if you have already welcomed a child into your home, or if you are simply interested in deepening your understanding of this sacrament, please contact Pastor Chris.

Why do we baptize infants? Because that is precisely how God's grace works. God welcomes us into the life of Christ before we even realize it. Later in life, during a time called confirmation, we affirm and commit to the life of faith.



In life, in death, and in life beyond death, we are not alone. God is with us.

One of the most poignant and meaningful expressions of this belief is the Christian funeral, during which we ultimately give thanks to God for the life of our loved one and find hope for the road ahead. Contact the office to arrange a planning meeting with Pastor Chris.

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