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A Story from The County Food Bank

The following was written by our friends at the Anne Arundel County Food Bank. May this story encourage you and remind you the impact our effort has on people.

"Eastport United Methodist Church received a call from a Solomons Island Road resident whose daughter knew a friend who was a new mom, living alone in a HACA property near the church. The single Mom did not have any family or financial support. As soon as Eastport UMC received the call, they let them know that through the generosity of the Anne Arundel County Food Bank (AACFB), they would be able to provide everything the newborn child would need.

That same week, Eastport UMC's Community Navigator, Diesha Contee, received a large supply from AACFB of newborn onesies and sleepers, socks, swaddling blankets, a baby carrier, crib sheets, newborn car seat, and a stroller. Additionally, the Eastport Community Pantry provided diapers, wipes, and nutritious food for the mom including fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein. Fortunately, this brand-new family moved from being unsure of how to provide for their child to being well-fed and cared for all due to the generosity of the AACFB and Eastport UMC.

When they arrived to pick up the supplies for the new mom, the lady froze and with a tear running down her face, said, “Thank you. She had nothing ready. She has been all alone trying to figure this out and only by some accident did my daughter learn that this friend had nothing and no one. Thank you for being there and being ready to help."

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