What to expect-

Since March of 2020 we have been gathering virtually for our primary worship service. Pastor Chris, JoAnn Kulesza (our Music Director) and a crew of dedicated volunteers have been working to lead us in worship from our living rooms, kitchen tables, offices, and cars. We are certainly blessed to have a great number of people who

Each week on Sunday morning a new worship video is produced to guide us in prayer, song, scripture reading, and reflection. While we usually gather at 10 am, this service is made available early Sunday morning so you can watch it at your convenience.


 We encourage you to create a sacred space, wherever that is, that helps you participate in the service. Be sure to download the bulletin for the service so you can follow along, joining in the service whenever possible. We want this experience to be as interactive as possible, so light a candle as a way to bring the Light of Christ into your space; share the peace of Christ with your spouse, family, neighbor, a stranger on the street; and feel free to belt it out when singing with us. 

One of the things that the pandemic has made difficult is fellowship time, so each Sunday at 11 am we join in a Zoom fellowship time. You are welcome to join, simply send an email to the office requesting the link.