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Here you'll find a diverse collection of articles, each offering a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of church life and faith. From exploring the significance of church membership as a personal choice to delving into our social principles that guide our community, each article serves as a beacon of knowledge and reflection. Discover the essence of our United Methodist Book of Discipline, a cornerstone of our beliefs and practices, and embrace the power of hymnals in shaping our spiritual journey. Learn about the art of giving and its transformative impact on both the giver and the receiver. Join us on this enlightening journey as we navigate the depths of faith, community, and service together."

Wool Threads

Life together among many...

From Denominational Tapestry to Your Local Threads: Seeing the UMC in Action

Open Book

The Book of Discipline

An introduction to our church's constitution, outlining our core beliefs, guiding principles, and practical procedures.


What and how to give?

A brief note about giving as an attendee or member of EUMC.

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Newsletter Archive

Catch up on the recent history of EUMC by perusing our church newsletters. 


What is Membership?

Joining a church is a choice. Explore the meaning of joining, participating, and leaving a church.


The Sources of Faith

How do we believe what we believe? This article explores how we each develop our own life of faith.


Becoming and being a church member.

What does it all mean?

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Our Social Principles

Here you'll find reporting or policies on various topics related to church finance.


Singing our Faith

An unexpected companion on your spiritual journey, offering guidance, inspiration, and a deeper connection to God and your faith community.

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Want a church t-shirt?

Proceeds benefit the church's mission.

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