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Let's Picnic

While we are developing very cautious plans to begin gathering "in-person" for worship, we are being mindful that much of our life and ministry going forward will be al fresco, outdoors. We have been thinking about how our many community groups could begin meeting outdoors and we are currently developing plans for that. We've also been thinking about how we can continue to serve our community with our spacious yard.

We are tiptoeing into the water and planning to place some picnic tables in the shade on the lawn along Jefferson Street and Bay Ridge Avenue. Our hope is to offer our very rare amount of greenspace as a place of rest and fellowship for our church and our neighbors.

To that end we are partnering with Newtowne Community Development and B.L.A.C.K. Excel's mentoring program led by Dee Ward (Dee was in Eric Edstrom's leadership training program years ago!) to have six wooden picnic tables built. The mentorship program is introducing young people to building trades and other skills, so be on the lookout when they are selling hand painted birdhouses and other woodcrafts!

We'll update you when the table are finished and in place for your enjoyment.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 08, 2020

What a great idea! The table looks wonderful!

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