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Partners in Mission

Charting Careers and EUMC have begun a partner relationship recently, beginning with providing

space for their weekly staff meetings. We’re excited to provide this amenity to this organization, because their mission perfectly aligns with the mission of the church in our efforts to bring equity and dignity to the marginalized. Charting Careers seeks to: "Breaking the cycle of poverty and inequity in Annapolis through mentoring, education, and family partnership.”

Through their excellent track record, Charting Careers has gained the attention and confidence of

the Anne Arundel County Public Schools, such that AACPS has contracted Charting Careers to provide Community Navigators in several neighborhoods around Annapolis where statistics show that some students are falling behind in their educational achievement. These Community Navigators help to identify those students in need of additional support, and they connect those families with additional educational resources.

To learn more about Charting Careers, go to

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