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Task Force on Re-Entry Survey

As mentioned in the June edition of The Spire, the Re-Entry Task Force is working diligently to prepare for our eventual return to in-person worship. In addition to following the guidelines offered by local government and the Baltimore-Washington Conference, we are requesting input from church members. See this request from the Task Force:

From the Re-Entry Task Force:

The Re-Entry Task Force held their weekly meeting on Sunday, June 7th. The team seeks feedback from the church members before finalizing plans for opening up the church building for use by the two resident churches and our various weekly tenants.  

We are eager to hear from you about your expectations (and your reservations) about reconvening while we are still in the midst of an active pandemic. Please respond promptly to the survey. We will analyze the results and finalize some plans and procedures very soon.

Here is the link to the survey:

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