The Great Peach Pick-Up of 2020

For the past 45 years we have proudly hosted an annual Peach Festival as a fundraiser for our church. This year we are reimagining our festival to keep our beloved church and community members safe by inviting you to pick-up a gift of peaches and a delicious recipe as a token of appreciation for your generous support over the many years.

You are invited to pick up your peaches curbside from noon to 2 pm at Eastport United Methodist Church.

If you do wish to contribute a gift to Eastport United Methodist Church, you may do so by dropping off a check on that day, or by making a gift at

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Peach Festival News

Friends of Eastport United Methodist, Eastport United Methodist Church has been the home to the Peach Festival for 45 years. This is a huge event featuring a chicken dinner, a bake table filled with h