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Nursery Worker

Annapolis, MD


Current Wage: $ 25.00 per hour

Job Hours: Approx. 2 hours per week

Time: Sundays, 9:30am – 11:30am

Paid Time Off: No paid time off. Unpaid time off must be approved by the Pastor, two weeks in advance. 

Pay Period: Once a month

Playing with Toys

Importance of Position: We are called as the church to receive, nurture and treasure each child as a gift from God and to give high priority to the quality of planning for children and the preparation and support of those who minister with them. We are called to love, shelter, protect and defend children within our community, and to nurture and support families in caring for their children, acting in the best interest of the children. The child care provider helps the congregation provide Christian nurture and formation and to live out our core value of a welcome that includes all. 


Principle Function: Provide for the physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulation and safety of children ages 0-6 years while in the children’s nursery. 


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere for both children and parents.

  • Set up and clean up the children’s nursery (downstairs). 

  • Work as part of a team with parents, church volunteers, or other staff, to provide a safe environment for all children.

  • Interact with all infants and children in the nursery and never leave a child unattended.

  • Provide a sense of trust for the parents while they are attending other church activities and events. 

  • Provide care for infants and children in the nursery which includes, but is not limited to: reading books, singing songs, playing games, holding children, assisting children with hand-washing and eating snacks, changing diapers, assisting children in toileting, and supporting the safety of the nursery through behavior management.

  • Use materials provided by the Pastor and church to teach Christian formation.  Books, music, puzzles, games, when possible, should have a faith component. 

  • Supervise nursery volunteers.

  • Report accidents or emergencies or problems to pastor and church nursery liaison as soon as possible and fill out incident reports as needed.

  • Report nursery supply needs to the office Administrative Assistant.

  • Check in with the pastor when he/she arrives and fill out time sheet each week.

  • Straighten and clean the nursery area each week after children have left and sanitize items as needed. (Ex: Wipe down tables and chairs, return toys to bins or shelves, gather and remove trash, alert Administrative Assistant when a more thorough cleaning of stuffed toys, crib, nursery room, is needed, or with any other environmental safety concerns, like broken items, etc.)

  • Keep attendance of children in nursery and submit to nursery liaison weekly. 

  • Other related duties as identified by the pastor, including supporting the development and use of the children’s prayground space in the sanctuary. 

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Pastor Chris Broadwell via email:

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