Advent Devotional - Dec. 3

December 3 - #730 – O Day of God, Draw Nigh

This is a theological and scripturally rich hymn. The lyrics were written by Robert Balgarnie Young Scott, a native of Ontario, Canada. He was an Old Testament Scholar and a leader in social reform. Each verse of the hymn expresses one aspect of the “Day of the Lord” – judgment, obedience, justice, peace, and light. Scriptural references include Isaiah 13:6, Joel 2:1, Amos 8:9, and Zephaniah 1:14-18. As poetry, this hymn offers a strong call to justice, reminding us that justice isn't just part of the Gospel, but it is the Gospel.

Prayer: God of justice, remind us that your justice isn’t our justice. Fill us with peace and light and mercy for ourselves and for each other. Amen.

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