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Peach Festival News

Friends of Eastport United Methodist,

Eastport United Methodist Church has been the home to the Peach Festival for 45 years. This is a huge event featuring a chicken dinner, a bake table filled with homemade items, a silent auction, yard sales, our traditional peach cakes and pies, our famous pickled beets, and real peach jelly and jam. It takes months of preparation as well as the time and energy of a multitude of volunteers. Throughout the decades countless people have worked to make it happen. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for those who have baked, boiled, barbecued, canned, chopped, cooked, cleaned, peeled, welcomed, loved, and served throughout the years.

Like with most things, the pandemic has led to a lot of reflection about time and energy and resources. We are sad to share that we won’t be hosting the Peach Festival this year, but our commitment to the true reasons behind this event- our mission of enriching, embracing, and empowering each other and our neighbors- remain steadfast. We are excited to continue living into that mission in deeper ways and discovering new ways in the process. The spirit of the Peach Festival, evidenced in hospitality, gratitude, fellowship, and meaningful service lives on in us. The Administrative Council of Eastport United Methodist 6/15/2021


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