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Summer camp is hiring: Work with Pastor Jenna!

Spread the word! Summer camp is one of the best things about United Methodism. This year, campregistrations for this summer are already well ahead of last year's pace. But this great news of children's lives being shaped by the spectacular, means we need your help! 

Both Manidokan, near Harpers Ferry, and West River, near Annapolis, are looking for staff to fill various roles this summer.

  • Program Staff (Manidokan & West River) – Run activities for campers (must be 18+)

  • In-Cabin Counselors (Manidokan & West River) – Provide general 24-hour supervision of campers (must be 18+)

  • Day Camp Staff (West River) – Run activities for day campers 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (must be high school graduate)

  • Lifeguard (Manidokan & West River) – safety at the pool and on the river (must be 16+)

  • Van Driver (Manidokan) – Drive campers to activities (must be 21+)

  • Kitchen Aide (Manidokan & West River) – Help with dishes, meal preparation, and clean up (must be 14+; year-round opportunities)

  • Cook (Manidokan and West River) – Prepare and serve delicious meals (year-round opportunities)

  • Nurse (Manidokan) – Provide health care to campers and staff (RN preferred)

Contact the office or call 800-922-6795 for more information. Apply online today.

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