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Columbarium Information

Several questions have been asked by interested members as they consider purchasing a niche.

Who is eligible to be inurned in the columbarium?  

EUMC members and their families, as well as members of the clergy who have served this church, and their family members. Approval will be made by the Columbarium Committee as needed. 

How large are the niches?  

They are approximately twelve inch square cubicles that can hold the cremated remains of one or two individuals.


How will the niches be identified?  Each niche faceplate will be engraved much like a grave stone, with the family name at the top, and individual names and dates of birth and death in a smaller font below the family name. 


May I choose my niche?  Yes. Selection is determined on a first come, first served basis.


How is the niche secured? Each niche is locked with a special locking device that can only be accessed by designated committee members.


Can the remains of two people be comingled?  Yes, as long as the remains are in a container.


What will happen to the columbarium if the church is sold in the future? The columbarium is a separate unit and can be moved to a new location determined by the governing committees of the church at that time. In that event, family members of those inurned would be notified, with the option to reclaim the remains of their loved ones at that time, or allow the remains to be moved with the columbarium to a new location.


How much will it cost to be inurned in the columbarium?  A niche can be purchased $2000. This may include the inurnment of up to two individuals and also includes the engraving of the faceplate. This is a significant savings when compared to traditional burials in commercial cemeteries. This does not include the actual cremation costs and services provided by a funeral directory.


What is the Memorial Wall?  The sides of the columbarium are available to engrave names of members or family members whose remains are placed elsewhere. This gives families an opportunity to remember their loved ones in a special way. The cost is $300 per name ($500 for husband and wife) and dates of birth and death.


What if I already have a burial plot, but want to consider the columbarium as my final resting place?  Most commercial cemeteries will refund your cost of your burial plots if you decide to make other arrangements. Call them to discuss your options to sell back your plot.


For further information please stop by the church office for  a brochure, or ask for an application.

~ Margie Hughes, Columbarium Committee Chair

History and Construction

In the spring of 2016 Eastport United Methodist Church realized a long term dream.  We were able to create a final resting place for our members and families, located right here at our own church home. The forty-eight niche unit is made of polished granite throughout the structure; the outside frame in a soft gray, and the niche face plates and borders in a light mahogany, to complement the brick of the retaining wall. Tegeler Monuments, in Laurel, MD,  completed the columbarium structure. The Columbarium Committee felt committed to use a local family-owned company which has been in the monument business for many years. Tegeler Monuments has done columbarium and monument work in cemeteries and churches throughout the state, including the US Naval Academy.  Construction of the columbarium was done off site and then delivered and set into place on the stamped concrete base designed for the area in front of the retaining wall. Two granite memorial benches were donated and  placed on each side facing the niches, to provide a place for family and friends to sit and remember their loved ones. The area is a beautiful complement to our church and provides a new and meaningful ministry to our church family.

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Memorial Inscription Order Form

Columbarium Application

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