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Re-Entry Team Update: Mask Up!

Friends of Eastport United Methodist Church,

The Re-Entry team has had quite the task over the last 18 months. It has not been easy, yet hey have done a magnificent job at making some very difficult decisions and I am so very grateful to them and their faithfulness to the work. We as a group have sought to err on the side of caution and care for our community and it has been a blessing to witness your support of it.

With the rise of COVID-19 cases in our area along with the number of "breakthrough" cases among vaccinated individuals (even among those in our congregation), we wish to go the extra mile in terms of caution going forward.

We are asking that all persons wear a mask while indoors at church unless eating, drinking, or using a microphone.

This is a simple thing we can do to help all in attendance feel safe, especially those of us who are unvaccinated or have unvaccinated people in our households.

We continue to make worship services available online at and while they are recorded versions of the service, we are working on ways to livestream the service in the future. We'll also continue having worship on the lawn the first Sunday of the month as weather permits.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Chris


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