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Volunteers in Mission

Help sponsor and support Volunteers in Mission “VIM” team trip to Navajo Nation: I will be traveling to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico with five VIM Team members of the Prince Frederick, MD Trinity United Methodist Church. VIM Team members will depart on 9/20 and return on 9/25/23. The UMC church in Prince Frederick has maintained a special sister relationship with ‘Light in the Mountain Church,’ located in Sheep Springs, Navajo Nation, for over 20 years. Teams have performed numerous repairs as needed to the church building, church school facility and to some individual homes.

In 2019, an addition was made to the church. Currently, items to be completed in the church’s addition for it to be fully functional include installation of floor tiles and baseboards, painting of bathroom areas, installation of toilets and sinks with plumbing connected. After review of the outstanding needs, this VIM team will be focusing on correcting electrical issues in various buildings and installing floor tiles in the 2019 church addition.

I’m asking for your support, through prayer and donations towards the costs of this mission. Our traveling team AND the Navajo friends appreciate all your prayers. If you would like to help support the expenses of the mission team and the material for our tasks, please note clearly on your check in the memo “Light in the Mountain Church.” Donations can also be made online at by selecting the mission offering donation category.

With gratitude, Katie Willie


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