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All Saints Day

All Saints Day, a long held tradition of the Church, is a day in which we name the pain of loss and grief and give thanks for the lives of saints among us who now rest from their labor. This day also provides an opportunity to remember the promises of eternity. Each name was read, a candle was lit, and a bell was rung as we gave solemn thanks for their presence in our lives.

May their light shine perpetually through those who loved them. Virginia Gill, David Hollidayoke, Shirley Keller, Jack Hughes, Bertha Plummer Krebs, Victoria Prewett, Russell Henry Moreland, Annabelle King, Arthur “Art” King, Richard “Dick” Strucko, Regina “Jean” E. Hughes, Shirley Collison, Josephine Hare Campbell Perry, Gail Evans, Joseph Wilmer, Russell Mack, John Sheckells, Barbie Barber, Neil Staffanson, Arloa Stacy, Dixie Reichel.

Please join in this All Saints Day prayer:


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