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Cold Weather Care Kits

Our church, and particularly our Zoom fellowship hour, has been thinking of ways we can reach out to folks who might have needs we wouldn't notice. Pastor Chris shared about his time living and working in a homeless shelter and how hard it is to come by fresh socks and hats after the holidays.

Knowing that, our church has been assembling "cold weather care kits" and we want you to be in on it.

Each kit contains 3 pair of warm socks, a warm hat, 3 pair of hand warmers, and 3 reusable cloth masks in a resealable/reusable bag (pretty handy for folks that live outside). We want those who live without shelter to have these items to freshen up their supply.

If you are out and about, commuting or traveling, you may want to grab one of these kits to carry in your car so you can pass it along to someone in need.

Pick one or two up at the church Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 8-noon.

Pastor Chris

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Unknown member
Aug 01, 2022

This was lovelly to read

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