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The EUMC collection of winter outerwear − warm hoodies and sweaters − to donate to #JustOneSweater is going well.

We believe that if everyone donated #JustOneSweater, and they are redistributed to our neighbors in need, then our community will be warm this winter. The infrastructure is set up so that #JustOneSweater does regular pick up at EUMC. The #JustOneSweater volunteer comes to the EUMC parking lot and church office collection coolers weekly to pick up donations. Storage and sorting is occurring at the Pip Moyer Recreation Center.

The Outreach Team joined efforts with Community Transitions, which mentors youth in learning leadership through short term projects that give youth opportunities to design, implement and carry out a project. Youth enrolled in Community Transitions will now be overseeing the collection and distribution of warm outwear in several neighborhoods. This program will continue until Nov. 21. Please clean out your closets and bring warm outerwear to the EUMC parking lot cooler soon! Sizes are needed from child through adult.

Contact Susan Schneider for more details.


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