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Prayer Following Gun Violence

There has been more gun violence in our city throughout the past week. Let us take a moment to pray together.

O God, victim of violence on a cross,

look with compassion upon all involved in shootings this week in our neighborhood, in our city, in our nation, and around the world.

Comfort those traumatized by these horrendous events.

Wrap your everlasting arms around those who mourn.

Heal those whose hearts and minds are terrorized.

Strengthen those medical personnel who minister to the wounded.

Protect the law enforcement officials who risk their lives for our safety.

Calm all whose memories of violence are triggered by this shooting.

Bring the gunmen to repentance and redemption,

and deal tenderly with their family and friends.

Hear our cries of lament as we seek to understand the incomprehensible, and deliver us from the evil of violence in any form.

Through Christ we pray.



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